Em's 10 Favorite Fall Things

The minute it started to fee like fall here in DC I did a little happy dance! Okay, to be honest it was a BIG happy dance ;) I LOVE fall - definitely my favorite season - and being able to experience it during "regular" fall months is kind of a miracle in my mind. I got so used to Southern California and summer all-day-e'ery-day that I forgot what it was like to really experience fall.

In celebration of my favorite time of year, I thought I'd do a fun post about 10 of my favorite fall things!

1. The Weather

Now that I'm no longer living in Southern California I finally get to experience true fall weather!!! And it's //amazing//.

2. The Colors

Orange. Yellow. Amber. Brick red. Love all of these rich colors.

3. The Holiday's

Aside from the things I'm mentioning, family and friends are really what make fall the *best*. Spending time together is what counts.

This is what family looks like... :D

This is what family looks like... :D


4. The Food

Thanksgiving. Need I say more? I mean, seriously. Turkey and all the trimmings and PUMPKIN PIE (see #7). Gah - so good!

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

5. The Fun

Corn mazes (or Sunflower ones?), pumpkin carving, walking through the leaves, decorating...

6. The Drinks

Aside from #8 (like how I have two things dedicated to drinks?) I LOVE me some tea - preferably peppermint - and spiced apple cider. Heck, I'll even be "forced" into drinking some hot chocolate here and there ;)

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

7. The Pumpkin-Everything

Pumpkin - good. More pumpkin - even better! I'm talking pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pancakes...the list goes on.

8. The Coffee

Can you say PSL!?!? Yes, I know they are bad for you and I rarely get them...but once in a while a person forgets about health and risks it all to enjoy spiced pumpkin goodness.

From Pinterest. P.S. Made this and it's AMAZING!!!

From Pinterest. P.S. Made this and it's AMAZING!!!

9. The Clothes

Sweaters, boots, leggins (within reason), scarves, gloves...ahhh the list goes on and it's all wonderful!

10. The Music

I can't get enough of these two albums during the fall and winter season. I also listen to a lot of classical Christmas music while I write.

Babel" >
For Emma, Forever Ago" target="_blank">

I'd love to hear from you too - what are some of your favorite fall things?