Being Friends With A Photographer

I'm a photographer. I know--surprising, right? Okay, maybe not.

My friends--my dear, wonderful, supportive friends--have to put up with quite a few things to be friends with me. Things that are unique to being friends with a photographer. I thought I'd take a break from all the sweet, smiling faces from the fall family sessions I've been posting to share a funny post about being friends with a photographer.

6 Things You Have to Deal With If You're Friends With A Photographer

1. Smile

Being friends with a photographer means you WILL be called upon to be a model at some point. You'd better face up to it right now. If I've got my camera, I will be taking pictures of you. And I may end up posing you...and waiting for the right light...and dragging you around to different locations. But hey, the up side is that you will always have amazing profile pictures for FB ;)


2. Distraction

What was that? Oh, were you talking to me? Because I was using the VSCO Cam app to edit my photo so I could Instagram them. >>insert guilty smile<< Yep, if you're friends with photographers you'll likely be asked to pose, jump, smile, look away etc. so we can get the perfect shot. OR we'll be stopping in the middle of the street to get "just one more shot". Then we'll take a few minutes (or longer) messing with the image before posting.

From my Instagram account. Come follow me: @eahendryx

From my Instagram account. Come follow me: @eahendryx

3. Being a guinea pig

Signing on to be friends with a photographer means you're also signing on to be a guinea pig. Didn't know that? do now. My roommate and friend Jenn said, "They (photographer friends) will ask you to do seemingly odd stuff for a photo opp; things that they wouldn't feel comfortable asking actual customers." Hey, we want to try it out and see if it really is worth it. Friends really do make the best guinea pigs!

4. Weirdness Immortalized

Yep. Being a friend to a photographer means that all of the embarrassing (or AWESOME) photos they have taken of you are locked away in a vault--forever--and always ready for use. >>insert evil grin<< But don't worry - we have some funny ones of ourselves too!

5. What is that?

We like taking pictures of random things. We really do. So, if you're friends with a photographer and they have their camera with them, be prepared to stop. We see things differently, and we'll definitely stop to get the shot! We may even ask you to participate...

6. Photos, photos, more photos...

Lastly, if you haven't figured it out already, we LOVE photography. Duh, right? But seriously, we love it and are passionate about it. Because of that, we're likely going to get annoying on social media because we love it so much. We'll be posting creative photos on Instagram, tweeting about our next session, and sharing numerous photos and blog posts on Facebook. We know you have to put up with our photos in your news feeds. We're #sorrynotsorry because it's not just our job, it's what we love! And we love YOU for putting up with it, liking posts about people you'll never meet, and encouraging us when we aren't feeling particularly inspired.

So, on behalf of photographers everywhere, THANK YOU for being friends with a photographer. We know we aren't the easiest bunch to put up with, but hopefully you'll enjoy seeing the world through the eye of our lens. And hey, go hug a photographer today. We can use the extra love ;)

If you're a photographer, do you agree? What would you add? If you're a friend, what's your favorite part about being friends with a photographer? Least favorite part? :D