The Kendig Family | Washington, D.C. Family Photographer

I just love this sweet family! They braved the cold to grab photos in front of the iconic Washington Monument in D.C. I was first introduced to Ronie Kendig through her amazing books! I often blog reviews of books on my writing blog and got the opportunity to read Ronie's book, Talon: Combat Tracking Team, the second novel in a series of three books involving military war dogs and their handlers. I was stunned at her talent and ability to craft an action-packed novel with intricate characters - not to mention that I LOVE dogs :D

Anyway, after that I was hooked. I'm now part of her Rapid-Fire Fiction Task Force spreading the word about her novels and getting the chance to read and review her latest books. Speaking of which, if you like military suspense or suspense in general you will love her Quiet Professionals series. Raptor 6 (book 1) is by far my favorite so far! Or check out her other books here.

When I moved to D.C. I was so excited to learn that Ronie was close by in Virginia! She has been a huge inspiration to my own writing career, plus she's the sweetest and most down-to-earth person! I'm happy to call her friend and to have done photos for her amazing family.

And, see that handsome 4-legged guy there? That's Vvolt, a retired military war dog that the Kendig's have adopted. It's such an incredible story and I'm so happy we grabbed a few shots of him in front of the WWII memorial.

Enjoy our blustery photo session with an incredible background and even more incredible family!