Pacific Coast Dog Resuce | Burbank Pet Photographer

I just //love// dogs. I mean...seriously, I love them :) When I had more time, I used to house sit quite often for families with dogs because I never got one of my one (I'll add "yet" here because I'm still hoping to have one in the future!).

Anyway, a few months back, my dear friend Jane got me in contact with Ingrid at Pacific Coast Dog Rescue in Burbank, Ca. They were in need of new photos of their dogs and I was more than willing to help!

Below you'll find photos of just *some* of the dogs they have available for adoption. They are an amazing organization and seek to place animals in the right type of home for both animal and owner. I have loved working with them while I was in California and can only hope that these photos would help in getting these dogs into homes!

If you're interested in adopting or even fostering, email them at:

- Alfie -


- Harry -

- Kaya -

- Lillian -

- Little Moe -

- Maude -

- Miss Peanut -

- Joey -

- Angel -

- Josie -

- Roscoe -

- Teensie -

- Sweetie -

How can you resist that cute face???

How can you resist that cute face???

- Tiger -