Angie & PJ | Southern California Wedding Photographer

Oh my, oh my. This couple is truly amazing! I am so excited to share their fun Disneyland wedding! Think: beautiful palm trees, an enchanting rose garden and gazebo, a beautiful lace dress, and the commitment of two people in love. Perfection!

I think a favorite memory of mine from the day was when we did the first look. Afterward, we took a few minutes to do photos with the bridge and groom. I will never forget walking around the Disneyland Hotel with Angie & PJ and all of the little girls who looked up to Angie like she was a real life princess. It was like seeing little girls dreams come true and I was there in it all, playing a small part of it. A truly amazing thing!

So, join us as we step into this magical fairy tale wedding where two became one. Congrats, Angie & PJ!

And they lived happily ever after...