Valentines Specials: It's not too late to take advantage!

Um, I think it's about time I showed some more photos, right? Well, unfortunately I'm finding out that people here on the East Coast actually stay inside during the winter months. Then again, "we're not in LA anymore Toto". I haven't been doing a lot of shooting this month yet, but I'm looking forward to the weather warming up a bit and for everyone to come out and play in the sunshine again!

To warm you up, and to remind everyone I'm running a Valentines Day Special right now, I thought I'd share some fun images from the last year or so. If this doesn't make you remember romance...I don't know what will ;)

So, if  you're looking for the perfect Valentines Day gift, look no further! Take advantage of my specials by booking before February 28th and you have up to 1 year to do the session with me! Yep, that's right, we can wait until it's warm out!

Contact me today if you're interested!

Valentines Day Special-01.jpg